Mohsin Design | UX UI designer in dubai | Freelance graphic designer in dubai | mohsin design
I am Mohsin UX UI designer and Freelance graphic designer in Dubai, Design enthusiast , Visual thinker, Exploring the boundaries of User Experience. Visit website
UX UI freelance designer in dubai, UX UI designer in dubai, Freelance graphic designer in dubai
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Hi, I am Mohsin.

Design enthusiast , Visual thinker,
Exploring the boundaries of User Experience.

I’m a UX / UI Designer. I like making other peoples ideas and visions into real tangibles. I love creating experiences that you’ll fall in love with. My professional journey continued as I nurtured my creative side through graphic and web design, and transitioned into UX design, which extended my ability to develop more effective solutions for my clients.  I love the research that comes with the design process. I  like to draw rough sketches during free time and explore tons of visuals to feed my eyes.


Feel free to check out my portfolio to get a sense of how I work. If there’s anything you’d like to discuss, you can send me an email or find me on Linkedin.

Notable Clients I worked with

I’ve been crafting experiences for major clients from around the world.

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