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A Neigbourhood App
About This Project

This App let you share your kids memorable experiences with other Moms who are going through similar situations. Someone who can empathize with you, laugh with you, share tips on parenting, or simply listen to you. You could form a close community of parents, share info, learn from each other, and rally around to help organize play dates and parties. Together, you can celebrate those exhilarating moments of parenthood and sail through those stressful ones.

  • Help you find like-minded friends in your neighborhood who you can rely on.
  • Help parents rally around and organize parties.
  • Keep you posted on all locally organized activities in the neighborhood.
  • Find new homes for those outgrown baby toys.
  • Inform you about the best baby-sitter around and warn you about the worst!
  • Get your kids excited about reading and swapping books by organizing a book swap.
  • Give a shout about your garage sale of toys, clothes, and more.
  • Do everything else a close-knit community would.


User Interface, User Interaction , Wire framing

Tools of  the Trade

Photoshop , Invision , Illustrator

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